Jim Dore– President

Jim resides in Wingham and is retired from Policing after 30 years.  Most recently, Jim spent eleven years working for the Ministry of the Attorney General as a Victim/Witness Services worker.  Hobbies and interests include sports and music, along with bird watching.

Jim joined the Board in 2016.  Having grown up with an Uncle who had Downs Syndrome and spending time with a close friend our Agency supported, Jim was passionate about it being time to give back after all of the enjoyable years with both these men.

CL Wingham in one word – Equality


Chris Coulthard – Past President

Chris resides in Wingham and is retired after a teaching career.  Hobbies and interests include time with  his family which includes one grandchild, as well as time at the family cottage.

Chris has been on the Board for 14 plus years to see what the future held for his challenged son.

To sum up CL Wingham in one word – Compassion!


Brenda Schedler – Vice President

Brenda resides in Wingham and is retired after a 38 – year career as a teacher.  Hobbies and interests include being active with her church, reading, travel and time with friends.

Brenda joined the Board in 2017 and has always been impressed by the opportunities provided within the organization, from music programs, day to day supports and involvement within the community.

CL Wingham in one word – Opportunities


Jeanette McLean – Treasurer

Jeanette resides in Wingham and is a retired Registered Nurse who spent many years working as a Case Manager with Community Care Access Centre.  Hobbies and interests include reading, travel, a Grandmother to 4 and a Leaf’s/Blue Jays fan.

Janette joined the Board in 2017.  While being involved in the Wingham Church, choir, UCW and more, Janette was interested in joining our Board as felt it is vital to do all we can do.  Included in protecting, nurturing and sustaining the individuals supported in any way we can,

CL Wingham in one word – Inspiration!


Judy Peel – Director

Judy resides in Wroxeter and has been a Food Service Manager for 26 years.  Hobbies and interests include watching her grandchildren play sports as well as reading and watching old movies.

Judy joined the Board 14 years ago with the goal of seeing how she could help.

To sum up CL Wingham in one word – Hope!


Kendra Quinlan – Director

Kendra resides in Wingham and is a travel consultant and co-owner of Ship2Shore Holidays.  Hobbies and interests include travel, baseball, swimming and reading.

Kendra, joined the Board in 2017 and as a Mother of a daughter with Down’s Syndrome wants to ensure that all kids/youth/adults with a disability have every advantage as they grow up

CL Wingham in one word – Hope!


Breanne Stafford – Director

Breanne resides outside of Londesborough and is Branch Manager at Libro Credit Union.  Hobbies and interests include photography, reading and spending time with her family.

Breanne joined the Board in 2017, as it is important to her to volunteer with an organization that is well aligned with her own values.

CL Wingham in one word – Inclusion!


Dave Millen – Director

Dave resides outside of Teeswater.  Hobbies and interests include coaching sports as well as anything building related. 

Dave joined the Board 4 years ago, as it was important for him to help the individuals we support in any way possible.

CL Wingham in one word – Thankful!