Community Living Wingham & District is currently in its 58th year of service. We provide support to people with an intellectual disability in northern Huron and southern Bruce counties as well as 24 hour residential support at six locations in Teeswater, Lucknow and Wingham.

We work to fulfill the mission set forth in our pledge:
Equality and acceptance with dignity for all.

We support our members to create and achieve life plans in their own community and advocate for inclusion of persons with intellectual disabilities in recreation, social, religious, educational, economic, employment and health services.

We offer a drop-in centre in Wingham as well as a resource centre where an assortment of books, videos and brochures can be accessed or a new skill can be acquired.

Our Vision
Our vision here at Community Living Wingham & District is equality and acceptance with dignity for all. Our mission is to assist each individual with a developmental disability to achieve his/her unique dreams and wishes by providing alternatives and encouragement and by fostering communication between individuals, families, friends and the community.

The vision and mission of our association are defined in the values we hold:

Reason for Existence
Our reason for existence is to support persons with a developmental challenge and their families.

Dignity and Respect
All people have the right to be treated with respect and dignity. Our support services and work practices will reflect this.

Community Life
Each person has the right to live fully in their own community. We support access to community opportunities.

Informed Choice
Persons can make better decisions about their lives when they are fully informed. We will provide information about choices and opportunity for a variety of experience so people can practice informed choice.

Positive Relationships
Relationships characterized by shared power, mutual respect, honesty and negotiating through differences will form the context of our affiliation with people.

Life Planning
We believe that everyone has preferences for their life. All persons supported by the association will have opportunity to develop their own life plan at whatever level and at whatever pace they choose. We will support them, their family and friends in this endeavour.

Continual Learning
We will maintain an environment where it is safe and acceptable for persons to realize their dreams, where inquiry and commitment to the truth is the norm, where experimentation is allowed and where challenging the status quo is expected.

We understand that growth requires a balance of opportunity and reasonable risk. Our support will encourage reasonable risk as a means to experience life and to grow.

Understanding One Another
We maintain that all behaviour has communicative intent and it is our responsibility to discover its meaning and act on its purpose in a way that preserves a person’s dignity, safety and well-being, as well as the safety and well-being of others.

We believe that all people have a longing to belong in a family. We respect and encourage the relationships that each person may have with their family members. We honour the need of those persons who have no known family, to be with other persons they have chosen.

We acknowledge and value the prevention of developmental challenges and the diminishment of their impact through early intervention.

Board of Directors
The Community Living Wingham & District is governed by a volunteer board of directors.

Jim Dore (president)
Chris Coulthard (past president)
Brenda Schedler(vice president)
Janette McClean (treasurer)
Breanne Stafford
Judy Peel
David Millen
Kendra Quinlan
George Dixon